Is Connecticut Part of New York State?

Connecticut is a small state located to the east of New York State. It is situated northeast of New York City and borders the states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to the east, Lake Erie and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec to the west and north, and Pennsylvania to the south. The state of New York is one of the original thirteen colonies and states of the United States of America. It is known for its rich history and its bustling economy, which is one of the largest in the world.

New York is home to many cities, including Stonington and Noank, which are located east of the Connecticut River. Connecticut has a long history with New York, with many people from Connecticut traveling to New York City for work. The state also has a unique relationship with nature, as evidenced by the fact that Connecticut farmers used to put wagon wheels on poles to attract ospreys in order to keep chicken coop falcons and red-tailed hawks away from their birds. Train stations are located at several points along the Connecticut coast, making rail travel very accessible.

One of the most popular cities in Connecticut is Norfolk, which is known as “Connecticut's fridge” due to its height of 1,280 feet. Paul Spitzer, an ornithologist from Old Lyme, described ospreys as “a very Connecticut bird” due to their stable habits. He also noted that Vermont was historically “a wholly owned subsidiary of Connecticut”. The answer to the question “Is Connecticut part of New York State?” is a resounding no.

While it may be close geographically, it is not part of New York State. In fact, it is part of New England and has been since its founding.