What is Connecticut Business License?

Starting a business in Connecticut requires obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses. The Connecticut Secretary of State's Division of Business Services provides a dataset of agent information for all legal agents reported to the state. This dataset is known as the Connecticut Mercantile Registry. Before doing business in Connecticut, you must obtain a CT business license.

This license is available on MyConnect. Additionally, if you plan to sell at a flea market, craft fair, trade show, antique fair, etc., you must obtain a sales and use tax permit from the Connecticut Department of Revenue. If you are incorporating as an LLC or corporation, you must file your incorporation documents with the Secretary of State from Connecticut. It is recommended that you consult with a CT business lawyer and contact the Secretary of State for advice and guidance.

You can call the Department of Revenue at 860-297-5962 or go to their contact page if you have any questions about your CT state tax identification number request. Depending on the location of your business, you may also need to apply for a business license from your local municipality. Furthermore, if you operate a retail business in Connecticut, you may need to apply for special tax permits with the Department of Revenue Services. The cost and licensing process will depend on the onboarding form and the industry of the new business.

To avoid successor liability, the buyer must obtain a tax clearance certificate for sales and use taxes or admissions and fees taxes, or both, before purchasing an existing business. Ignoring these requirements could lead to financial losses and even closure of your business by the Secretary of State.