What is Connecticut Business Annual Report?

An annual report is a document that must be submitted yearly and contains essential information about your business. The report ensures that the data is accurate and up to date. Connecticut law requires annual reporting for all corporations, non-stock corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships. The report does not require any financial information from you.

The state has made the process easier through its CONCORD online business portal. Approximately one month before the due date of the annual report, the Secretary of State will send a reminder to the email address on file. The Annual Report keeps your LLC's contact information with the Connecticut Secretary of State up to date. The Secretary of State encourages business owners to use online filing due to potential processing delays, but it is possible to submit their annual report by mail requesting an exemption.

If you own a corporation (both equity and non-equity), a limited liability company, a limited liability partnership, or a limited partnership, you must file an annual business report. There is no waiver available online, and you'll need to contact the Business Services Division directly to obtain one. If you are having trouble submitting your annual report, you can contact the Business Services Division through any of the contacts listed on their website. For more information on the requirements to form and operate an LLC in Connecticut, see the Nolo article, 50-State Guide to Forming an LLC and other LLC articles in the LLC section of the Nolo website. Often, activities such as having a physical presence (a business location) in a state, hiring employees in a state, or applying for business in a state (for example, by telephone, print ads, mail, or the Internet) will be considered business for registration purposes.

Not to be confused with the state-mandated annual report, which doesn't need to include any financial information. Once you have received notice that your business entity will be administratively dissolved, you must file all overdue annual reports to avoid forfeiture. The online version will require the new agent to accept the appointment (via email) and the submission must be reviewed and accepted before it goes into effect. In Connecticut, annual reports are submitted through the Connecticut Secretary of State's CONCORD business portal. Typically, only businesses that do not have the ability to electronically file or make an authorized payment electronically can obtain an exemption.

Under Connecticut law, a business entity can only record one business address and one mailing address. If you form a business entity with the state, it is necessary to submit periodic reports on its status in order to maintain its good standing and state registration.