When Does Connecticut Reopen? A Comprehensive Guide

On Friday, Governor Ned Lamont announced that he was advancing three days into the second phase of reopening many businesses and activities in Connecticut, so that the changes do not conflict with Father's Day weekend. To do this, Lamont said he will likely have to extend the COVID-19 public health emergency beyond the current September. The protocols for reopening were developed by Governor Lamont, members of his office, and the Department of Economic and Community Development, in consultation with legislators and recommendations made by the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group. This group consists of several of the state's leading medical experts and representatives of various business and industrial groups.

Lyle Wray of the Capitol Region Council of Governments will chair the Connecticut Small Business Reopening Task Force. The State of Connecticut entered Phase 3 of reopening today following closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new COVID-19 numbers indicate that a total of 43,460 people tested positive in Connecticut and an additional 221 people tested positive on Friday. The Connecticut Restaurant Association this week urged Lamont to allow restaurants to restart indoor dining on June 10, warning that the industry faces serious financial challenges due to the shutdown.

Eligible businesses considering expanding their capacity limits in accordance with Phase 3 of Connecticut's reopening plan should continue to take the necessary precautions to protect employees and customers alike. Governor Lamont has released documents detailing the specific rules that eligible businesses entering phase 1 of Connecticut's reopening plans must follow amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These documents provide guidance on how businesses can safely reopen while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and other safety protocols. The state is also providing resources for businesses to help them navigate the reopening process.

These resources include information on how to create a safe workplace environment, how to develop a plan for reopening, and how to access financial assistance programs. As Connecticut continues to move forward with its reopening plan, it is important for businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and guidelines. By following these guidelines, businesses can ensure that they are taking all necessary steps to protect their employees and customers while still providing a safe environment for everyone.